Quick Tips ; Travelling from Frankfurt!


Hello , Hello , Hello!

It’s Kate and i am currently typing these words from the  waiting room of Flight to Philadelphia from Frankfurt Airport!

I had to take a flight to Frankfurt from Istanbul and got another flight in 4 hours( i know right , 4 hours of waiting is soo boring…) to Philadelphia..

Getting to Frankfurt is really easy , especially if you fly with Lufthansa Airlines! The only ( but a really important) problem is the fact that the plane was extremely cold and the seats were really uncomfortable! Guess if you are flying from Europe few hours might not be a problem!

Once you get to the airport and you think like ‘ oh yes! finally i can just grab something eat or drink , and relax ..’ you are going to have a really bad time.. I am not even joking! The plane stopped and some random terminal and we had to walk at least to 20 minutes to find out that we were not even half way to our gate! You need to catch the airport’s quick train service to get a little closer to your gate.. Once you arrive , you will find the gates A, B , C ,D and Z.. But it is still not over! If you are unlucky like me , your gate can be the furthest gate possible in the whole terminal , and you might need to walk through A, B ,C  and D  ( even getting to Z wasn’t enough as my gate number was 20~) If you do not mind walking well , then have fun!


Once you think you get to the gate Z , you come face to face with really rude security and policeman! Yeah you need to go through all the control which is just as normal , but when it gets to the point where the police is shouting at you  and telling   that you should grab your own security boxes ( dude calm down you don’t need to shout at me , ich spreche Deutsch!!) ..

I travel a lot , and i have never seen a security asking you to take off all of your chargers ( even my headphones cable separately from my headphones!) and really gives you bad looks just because you were confused about the  fact that you had to separate all the cables from the devices!

Once you pass the security and you are really tired and sleepy , all you want is some cafe or at least a Burger King or Mc Donald’s ( i mean come on , they are everywhere!) .. bam bam bam! Disapointment… There is only this book store where they barely sell food and a coffee shop where their lemonade just tastes like water and their donuts was most probably there for few days… In the end , i asked someone and they told me all the nice restaurant and food places was at the first terminal we landed and apparently we could have just hanged out there! uhm…Thanks for telling me that now , you could have just written some information about it!

The airport is like extremely cold ( dudeeeeeeee , it’s not 40 degrees outside!) and the people working here are really rude 😦

So! If you are going to travel from Frankfurt airport here are some things you should know and be careful about ;

  • Bring some crackers or easy food to keep you full! Otherwise you might just have to eat left over donuts!
  • Bring an extra sweater or a cardigan , or you will just freeze!
  • Be ready to walk.. For at least 20-30 mins..
  • Make sure you remove the cables from the devices before going in to security!

But before finishing , i would like to say I REALLY LOVE GERMANS for some reason and I FIND GERMAN LANGUAGE REALLY AMAZING! I  do not know why this airport made me go all through this but i just wanted to let you guys know about some of the stuff you might face here!


Quick addition!

If you walk all the way back to the other side of the terminal there is a sushi place and a bar! 🙂



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