London From Two Perspectives; Part 2; Kate’s London

Hello everyone!  It’s Kate! 🙂 First of all , I would like to welcome you all to our new blog ” The Posh Berry”! I hope you enjoy our post and find out about new places around the world  , delicious food from different cultures and of course some fashion tips.. Now in this post , as Ally did; I will tell you about London from my perspective and give you tips about the most entertaining and cultural side of the city… 🙂


How to get to London and going around…

If you are planning to fly to London  , I would recommend you the airport I usually use; Gatwick Airport! Gatwick Airport has lots of restaurants and shops in both arrivals and departures terminals and you won’t even realise how quickly time flies while waiting for your flight/ or expecting someone..There are several trains every hour to London Victoria and London Bridge which takes you to the centre of London easily… From there you can either use tube or get a cab ( depends on your luggage , I prefer cab because it is way easier and I always travel with lots of stuff!)



Airlines; I always fly to London with Turkish Airlines.Guess why ? Turkish Airlines is chosen as the best Airline in Europe.. Their food and drinks service has good quality and seats are really comfortable! 🙂 If you are flying from a different country other than Turkey , you might want house your own airline. But I highly recommend Turkish Airlines.

Going Around In London..

There are several ways to travel around London.I know , you expect me to say  ‘ walk’ like Ally did… But NO! In my opinion the best way to travel in London is… of course.. The Tube! It is really  easy and quick to go anywhere with the London Underground , especially if you are visiting London for only few days! Oh , if you do not mind some traffic and would like to have the bus journey ( with those classic  double-deck red busses)  you should definitely go for it..If you buy a day travel card from any station , you can use it for the whole day including busses , underground and the overground 🙂





Food ..

I can see all of you getting excited there when you hear Food! Hahah yes! London , opens lots of different doors for you with different tastes. Here are some of my favorite spots for food ;

Nando’s  ( the best for the chicken lovers! So cheeky! 😉 ) 

Hard Rock London ( Did you know that London Hard Rock is the first Hard Rock restaurant in the world! 

Clos Maggiore ( a very classy  and romantic French  Restaurant) 

Chez Antoinette ( try to go on the weekends as they have different musical performances)

Bill’s ( the best for breakfast!) 

Ben’s Cookies ( if you are a cookie lover , try their triple choc .cookies!) 

Angus Steakhouse ( best for the steaks and delicious ribs!) 

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London offers you great activities both outdoor and indoor which will leave you breathless!

Hyde Park – The best place to chill and relax after a day of walking

Camden Town & Market – If you want to have a different adventure , you should definitely visit Camden Lock! Open-air and indoor markets, each with its own distinctive flavour,line a street of shops, bars and restaurants in Camden Town. It is possible to find Metal/Rock , vintage and gothic clothing shops..

Do not forget to Visit CyberDog for an amazing shop for rave outfits and interesting clothing from the future..



Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 19.50.26




I am a touristy tourist opposite of Ally 🙂 I love finding and visiting touristic places especially in London .. Here are some of the tourist attractions;

  • London Eye
  • Madame Tussaud’s London
  • Big Ben
  • Buckingham Palace
  • Covent Garden
  • Trafalgar Square
  • Piccadilly Circus , Regents Street
  • Harrods
  • M&M’s Store

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Seasonal activies ..

Winter Wonderland

London Pride





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